Extended Therapy

Fall Prevention / Balance Training

Falls are the leading cause of aging adults being admitted to hospitals and nursing homes.

Balance in Motion has a particular expertise and knowledge in training aging adults and seniors on how to prevent falls with better balance.

balance training for fall prevention
aging adult couple jogging in woods for stamina

Endurance / Stamina Training

Physical inactivity is one of the primary risk factors responsible for heart disease.

Don’t worry. We have years of experience helping aging adults and seniors increase their endurance for a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Improved Independence with Self-Care Tasks

Activities of daily living get more difficult as we age.

We will help you find adaptive or modified ways to perform daily tasks so you can enjoy continued independence in your own home.

Senior couple preparing meal after housekeeping training
Senior managing his medications in home

Improved Independence with Housekeeping Skills

Certain activities are instrumental to your ability to live daily.

From meal housekeeping to meal preparation, and medication management to shopping, we will help you take on these tasks safely and independently.

Negotiating Stairs Training

Safely negotiating stairs at home is one of the most dangerous activities for aging adults.

As your mobility decreases with age, the risk of falling increases. To maintain independence in your home, this calls for  innovative solutions to ensure your safety and accessibility, especially in multi-level homes.

negotiating stairs training for seniors

Work with a proactive therapist focused on preventing falls and improving your life.

We offer 3 unique, affordable subscription plans for ongoing therapy in group and private sessions. 


Our patients love us as much as we love them!

The best I ever had in physical therapy! They assess me and help me with different exercises weekly to help me regain balance and strength. I highly recommend their services!!!
Corliss Imbus
They're very thorough and very caring. They listen well and help with my problem.
Sandra Lykins
Ami is an awesome strength and balance therapist! She's kind, patient, and makes therapy fun. We're so happy she opened Balance in Motion. It's a game-changer for seniors dealing with balance issues!
Dino Pelle
My husband has Parkensons and loves coming to Balance in Mothion. The staff is great, and take the time to work with Bill's needs.
Lynda Leugers
I realized in the last year I had loss muscle. I knew more exercise would be the main part of the answer. I did not like the thought of going to a fitness gym and wear myself out on various machines and then after all the time and work being disappointed in the results. I happen to find "Balance in Motion" opening up near me with Amy the therapist. After three sessions with her and a little homework, my results are better than expected, even my balance has improved. All because of the professional therapy by someone that recognizes what is needed and how to accomplish it. She specializes in therapy for seniors even as old as 92.
Ami was my therapist after my surgery she helped me so much. She pushed me when I needed pushing. She cheered me on to keep trying and praised me whenever I learned to do something new. She is the reason I got to go home after 6 months which I what I wanted. She is awesome!!
Vicky Felty
Balance in Motion is the perfect name for this seniors' therapy practice. Ami and her team are wonderful people and highly skilled professionals. We're so lucky to have them in Cincinnati. Thank you, Ami!
Becky Linser
I recently started coming to Balance in Motion. I just wanted to let everyone know how enjoyable and how friendly it is there. But more importantly, it has been a tremendous help in every part of my body. I feel stronger so much healthier.
Carole Henn
I have experienced problems with balance for the last few years. I have tried different approaches to improve my balance but nothing has helped much. However, since I've been going to Balance in Motion I am seeing improvement. Ami is doing a great job which I appreciate very much.
Adele Corbin
My grandfather was having hip problems that were affecting his ability to walk and a few sessions at BiM later and he was back on the dance floor!! Could not recommend more.
Jake Childers
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Balance in Motion
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